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"As a new HUD property owner, I learned quickly that working with a knowledgeable compliance company is key. Upon purchasing the property there were files that needed to be audited and brought up to HUD's standards. There were also some delinquent recertifications and vouchers and a pending MOR on the horizon. Paulhus was eager to get the property up to date with its compliance. After all was said and done, the MOR score increased by 10 points from the previous score. It has been great working with Paulhus so far and I thank the team for their help with increasing the MOR score and onboarding the property."

Mat - Property Owner in Allentown, PA April 19, 2022


"J&S Properties and Management has been working with Paulhus and Associates for 10 years. Due to issues with tenant files, late ARs, MOR findings among other issues, we partnered with Paulhus to help support an array of HUD compliance efforts.

Paulhus has supported our properties at a high standard, always available and responsive, and has saved us operational costs and significant stress. We greatly value our partnership with Paulhus!

Joseph - J & S Properties and Management April 19, 2022

Ronald, HCCP

“Paulhus has been a god send to us at Finch Towers Apartments.  We were in deep trouble with HUD on multiple compliance infractions due to employee gross negligence.  A true nightmare.  We couldn’t rely on our own staff to fix the problems.  Paulhus jumped in with both feet and got us turned around in a hurry.  We now have great records and compliance.  HUD has been impressed with our turnaround.  We could not have done it without Paulhus.  Great to work with.  Great service.  Great communication.  Reasonably priced.  It’s like having them right in your back office.  Highly recommend Paulhus.”

Ronald - Locust Hill Realty, LLC April 19, 2022


“Not being part of a big corporate housing property, we are a small staff. It is difficult to do everything and know everything.

Having the partnership with Paulhus has been a great benefit. Having others to help make the recertification decisions, HAP vouchering and processing of applications, allows me to better focus on the day-to-day operations.”

Elisabeth - Executive Director, Kiwanis Manor of Tiffin April 19, 2022


"If I may borrow from Sir Winston Churchill… ”Where my reason, imagination, or interest were not engaged, I would not or could not learn” Thank you so much for being an excellent trainer and facilitating such a positive learning environment."

Miamah - Property Manager April 19, 2022