Subsidy Recovery

How much subsidy does HUD owe you?

Since the inception of the Performance Based Contract Administrator program, properties across the country have left subsidy dollars unclaimed. The primary reason for this is TRACS errors that have never been corrected. Paulhus and Associates, Inc. has found that nearly 60% of all Section 8, Section 202/PRAC, and Section 811 properties have outstanding subsidy dollars just waiting to be collected. In some cases, the outstanding subsidy can total tens-of-thousands of dollars for a single property.​

Our team of voucher specialists will complete the following:

  • ​Thorough analysis of your HAP voucher requests over the past 24 months
  • Thorough analysis of your CA HAP voucher reconciliation reports

Once we determine the approximate amount of outstanding subsidy dollars, Paulhus and Associates, Inc. will:

  • ​Review TRACS submissions via HUD Secured Systems and document inaccuracies
  • Re-create a valid action for each TRACS error found
  • Submit the retroactive certifications to HUD or your contract administrator on your behalf
  • Follow each submission to ensure payment

​Call (717) 274 – 5621 today and ask for a no cost analysis of your property. Find out what HUD owes your agency and then take the steps necessary to recover your subsidy dollars.