File Audit

Paulhus and Associates has a select group of staff that will go onsite to review tenant files to ensure compliance with HUD guidelines either in preparation for an MOR or as a result of MOR findings.

​Each file reviewed will be:

  • Checked for required documents and required signatures/signature dates starting with the move-in certification.
  • Annual recertifications will be reviewed going back three years.
  • Each move-in and annual recertification will be reviewed for errors in income, assets and allowable expenses.
  • Each file will be marked for missing documents and missing signatures
  • Required corrections due to inaccurate calculations, inclusion of exempt or exclusion of allowable income, assets or medical expenses are noted so the proper correction can be created in the property’s software.
  • Missing documents will be noted.
  • Missing signatures will be flagged.
  • On the spot quick training to assist staff with repetitive errors to ensure understanding of the HUD Guidelines
  • A written summary of corrections to be made will be made available upon request prior to the audit