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Paulhus & Associates is a national leader in providing Service Bureau and Compliance support for Project-Based HUD, HOME, Housing Authority, and Tax Credit properties. With over 40 years in the industry, the company provides turnkey Occupancy, Compliance, EIV, TRACS, and Tenant File Management for over 400 properties across the United States and its territories. In addition to supporting properties with full occupancy and compliance, the company supports lease-ups, tenant file audits, third-party verification of certifications, audit and MOR preparation and resolution support, HAP recovery, and training and certifications.

Outsourcing compliance in affordable housing provides a strategic approach to managing regulatory obligations, unlocking efficiencies, and reducing costs. By entrusting compliance tasks to specialized firms, organizations can leverage expertise to navigate complex regulations effectively, streamlining operations and ensuring accuracy. This approach not only reduces the burden on internal staff but also allows for more efficient allocation of resources, directing funds toward critical areas such as property maintenance and resident services. Additionally, outsourcing compliance enhances operational agility, enabling organizations to adapt quickly to changes in regulations and market conditions, ultimately maximizing the impact of affordable housing initiatives.

 Anthony Howells, CEO

Anthony has decades of experience as a pioneering executive. He is renowned for his ability to build and scale companies while maintaining a steadfast commitment to social impact, yet it is his passion for affordable housing and climate action that truly distinguishes him. Throughout his career, Anthony has leveraged his strategic acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit to champion initiatives that expand access to safe and affordable housing for all, while ensuring properties are operating in the most cost-effective way from a compliance perspective.

 Denise Tessauro, Director of Operations 

With decades of experience in affordable housing, particularly within HUD and LIHTC programs, Denise is a seasoned advocate and practitioner dedicated to ensuring access to safe and affordable housing for all. Holding credentials including HCCP, BOS, COS, TCS, FHC, SHCM, and AHM, she brings a wealth of expertise in management, training, and regulatory compliance. Denise’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and addressing the evolving needs of underserved populations continues to make a profound impact on the landscape of affordable housing.