Service Bureau Plus

Service Bureau Plus customers receive all of the benefits of TRACS Service Bureau and EIV Service Bureau PLUS a dedicated Compliance Analyst to work directly with property management/owner to obtain all of the required documentation to complete all types of certification.  The Compliance Analysts completes all of the computations and sends back to the property a packet that can be inserted in the tenant file complete.

  • Recertification Notices (120-day, 90-day and 60-day) as required by HUD. 

  • Recertification Packets that include all of the required forms ready for distribution to the tenant.

  • Assistance in obtaining all required verifications for the certification.

  • Based on the information obtained from the tenant and/or property management, the Compliance Analyst will calculate the income, assets and allowable expenses.

  • HUD 50059, Initial Notice, Rent Change Notice and corresponding model lease/lease amendments for the type of certification processed

  • HUD 50059 forms, Initial Notices, Rent Change Notices and corresponding model lease/lease amendments as required for corrections due to EIV Income Discrepancy Reports, EIV New Hire Reports, EIV Deceased Tenant Reports, EIV Identity Verification Reports, EIV Multiple Subsidy Reports.

  • Housing Assistance Payments (voucher) will created by the Compliance Analyst and must be approved by the property management/owner prior to electronic submission.

  • Monthly and Quarterly required EIV Reports.

  • Repayment Agreement paperwork (as required). 

  • Assist the Client in the processing of all necessary corrections to tenant files as per HUD Guidelines.

  • Review TRACS for compliance percentages.  The Company will take the necessary steps to bring compliance to minimum of 90%.

  • Other forms that are required by HUD to be in the file.

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