Common Website Tasks

Create and Modify a Class Post

The classes are POST types (not pages). Posts support category selection. We use Featured Class 1,2,3,4 categories to control which classes display on the home page “featured” class section. Other classes use Non-Featured Class category

To create a new class post:

  1. Duplicate an existing class post
  2. View drafts
  3. Click normal EDIT (not Edit With Divi)
  4. Enter new title, check box for proper category, set featured image (pixel dimensions 580 wide X 387 high)
  5. Publish post
  6. Click purple “Edit With the Divi Builder” button
  7. Enter new class subject h2
  8. Check price and enter new body copy in the text module
  9. Enter class date details
  10. Save Divi builder session, Exit Visual Builder
Preparing images for class post type consistency

The desired image pixel size is 580 wide X 387 high. (as noted in step 4 of class post instruction.

Dashboard/Media/Library/Add New… browse to your local computer image for upload.

Click on the newly uploaded image


SCALE image to either 580 wide or 387 high (whichever is smallest) (so that the other dimension is still greater than desired dimension)

Crop – click CROP button

Enter 580 x 500 in the Image Crop/Selection boxes

You will see n activated crop box. Do not grab handles but just move to desired visual area

Clock the CROP tool button to accept 

Save (don’t worry if the preview looks uncropped)


Task 3

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Task 4

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